Growing up in La Puente in the late 50's and through-out the 1960's and 70's - I always remembered The Donut Hole. How many pictures, angles or colors can you make of this place to be interesting? Not taking any credit for any of these snap shots, I was amazed at the following that this iconic establishment has had over the years. WikiPedia say's it opened in 1968 - it has been in numerous publications as well as a couple movies. Regardless, this place is woven into the memories of everyone from La Puente - at first I thought my choice of music for this piece would be a bit obnoxious - It's called "Ice Cream Truck" - and remembering those long ago days - it turned out to be a perfect fit. Titled - Why Do Donut's Have Holes? The Donut Hole uses this video on their website now, check out the link  THE DONUT HOLE -- GARY'S VIDEO